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Your 4-Pillar Plan for Giving Your Children an Outstanding Education

Find out how to prepare your children for life and eternity with a biblical method of learning.

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Your hosts…

Kevin Swanson

Daniel Craig

What you’ll learn inside the workshop…

  • How to tell if you’re succeeding or failing in your children’s education before they are grown up, and it’s too late to change anything
  • 4 common misconceptions about education that are ravaging families and resulting in children leaving the faith (which of these are affecting your family?)
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be a successful homeschool parent (and what God is calling you to do instead)
  • How God wants you to teach: The 4 Pillars of a Biblical Education
  • How to use the 4 Pillars to convert every school subject from boring academics to purpose-filled discipleship
  • What you should focus on teaching during the K-12 years of your children’s education
  • Why Christian homeschool families MUST take a different approach to curriculum and how they teach their children if they want them to be godly leaders of the next generation
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Session #1


History Studies: The Untapped Opportunity

Session #2


Building Your Christian History Framework

Session #3


Nuts & Bolts of a Christian Approach to History

Session #4

(Coming July 16th)

Live Q&A and Curriculum Walkthrough

Feedback from previous Generations workshops…

“This workshop really addressed some of the questions I’ve always had. I’m thankful to God for having me run across it.” Gabi

“Thank you so much for doing these webinars. I have been praying and seeking God regarding this matter for quite sometime. These webinars have helped confirm my concerns have been spirit led and not of fear.” – Hannah

“This has been so helpful to me as we begin to make curriculum/reading choices for junior high.” – Rachel

How to Implement a Biblical Method of Learning

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2. Learn How to Use The 4 Pillars

Over four online video sessions, you’ll learn how to implement the 4 Pillars of a Biblical Education and convert every school subject from boring academics to purpose-filled discipleship.

3. Prepare Your Children for Life

As you follow God’s Word in the education of your children, you will see Him blessing your efforts and preparing your children to be godly leaders in the next generation.

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