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Are you ready for your kids to leave the faith? Or are you looking for something better?

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Introducing the Christian Discipleship Approach

from Kevin Swanson and Generations

Many families do not realize that the curriculum they have chosen for their children actually conveys the wrong worldview of history, science, life’s purpose, and truth. It should not be surprising then to discover that 80-95% of teens growing up in Christian homes are abandoning a biblical worldview in this generation.  The time has come to teach every subject from a Christian worldview perspective.  It’s time to redefine a distinctively Christian approach to education.

Generations is pleased to introduce the Christian Discipleship Curriculum. We don’t think the Christian worldview should be conveyed in a single isolated course. The Christian worldview must be integrated into every course, every school year, and every hour of our children’s education experience. It must hang like a frontlet between their eyes, as they study history, science, literature, and math. (Deut. 6:8-9)

The four indispensable pillars for the Christian Discipleship Curriculum include Family Discipleship, Biblical Worldview, Best Teachers/Best Books, and Worship and Life Application. (Read more below).

The Core Curriculum for Passing on the Faith

The Christian Discipleship Curriculum presents the “Core Curriculum,” focusing on five core areas of study: History, Literature, Worldview & Culture, Bible and Christian Character. These areas of study comprise the “core curriculum” for passing on the faith to the next generation.

  • History must emphasize the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the story of His Kingdom above all else.
  • Literature should prioritize the great Christian classics, and examine non-Christian writers from a biblical worldview.
  • Worldview & Culture studies must be rooted in the authority and relevance of God’s word for all of life.
  • The Bible must be taught as the essential program for equipping young men and women for every good work. (2 Tim 3:17)
  • Christian Character development should accompany academic studies as part of a Christian education.

We are excited to release this new Core Curriculum for grades 8-12, and we pray that these resources will assist you as you seek to pass on the Faith to your children.

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Kevin Swanson

What Is Distinctively Christian Curriculum?


Family Discipleship

Fathers and mothers are responsible for raising their children in the atmosphere of the Lord’s nurture (Deut. 6:7, Eph. 6:4). Family discipleship must involve the consistent and diligent teaching of God’s recommended curriculum: the Bible.


Biblical Worldview

Training in a biblical worldview is the crying need of our day. What will it look like to teach our children with a biblical worldview? First, Jesus Christ must be preeminent in history, literature, and science (Col. 1:18). Secondly, the most essential building block of knowledge (above and beyond every other component) is the fear of God (Prov. 1:7). Thirdly, our children must be prepared with strong biblical foundations to defend the faith (2 Cor. 10:4-6).


Best Teachers, Best Books

The best teachers write the best books. Therefore, we must always prefer Christian teachers over non-Christian teachers because our students will be like those that teach them (Luke 6:40). Abiding and enduring books are a thousand times worth reading over the books that come and go through the centuries. It is wise to set your children at the feet of the best teachers by reading the greatest Christian books.


Worship and Life Application

Without life application, knowledge is fleeting and becomes an exercise in pride and self-deception (James 1:22-24). Discipleship and mentorship must include life application. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and real reverence will result in worship and obedience to the Word.

Curriculum Overview

8th Grade Core Curriculum

Christian History: Biographies of Faith

An exceptional study on faith and leadership that focuses on the US presidents Washington and Jackson, as well as the Christian reformers Knox, Newton, and Luther. Students will discover their influences, struggles, and accomplishments, and take away lessons on the lives of these great leaders. Are great men simply born great or do they make a choice in their life to be something more? Study the lives of these Christian men to discover how they were transformed by their faith.

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Great Christian Stories: Essential Literature for Christian Students

Read some of the most exciting stories ever told! In this course for 7-9 grade, students will read three classic works of literature written from a Christian perspective, including a classic novel, a classic allegory, and a classic modern biography. This course covers Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, John Bunyan’s The Holy War, and Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place.

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Biblical Economics in Comics

Vic Lockman

Make no mistake! Vic Lockman is serious about the Bible and the economic issues that it addresses. His method of explaining what it says just happens to be cartoons – a non-threatening, easy-to-remember, and fun way to demonstrate God’s principles. Vic helps us to understand the market, money, taxes, government, law and what the Bible has to say about each one. An ideal introduction to the study of economics.

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Genesis: In the Beginning

Kevin Swanson

In this family Bible study guide, Kevin Swanson introduces the book of Genesis, which contains the first three thousand years of world history. This is History 101. It is also the history that God thinks is important. While men were busy building their first proud empires, the God who created the universe is more interested in one solitary family wandering about the plains of Canaan, building altars and worshiping God as a family.

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Created for Work

Bob Schultz

Every boy dreams of what he will be when he grows up. However, without a healty, Biblical attitude toward work, young men may continue to just dream but never attain God’s best for them. Created For Work will equip young men to develop excellence in their work habits, which will benefit them, their families, and their employers. This is a one-of-a-kind resource for boys ages 12 and up.

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Nancy Wilson

Virtuous walks through fourteen biblical virtues to help women of all ages be actively pursuing fruitfulness in the knowledge of Christ. That is the highest endeavor for Christians, and it doesn’t just happen by accident. From the Scriptures, learn about the Christian woman’s first and highest duty, along with why it’s so important for wives to be “women of valor,” what it looks like to be a leading woman in your community, and what it means to pursue virtue when everyone tells you that sort of thing is no longer important.

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9th Grade Core Curriculum

History of the World: The Transforming Influence of Jesus Christ (AD 33 – Present)

Kevin Swanson and John Lambert

How has Jesus Christ changed the world? The story of history answers the question definitively: in every way imaginable. In this comprehensive course, students will embark on a whirlwind journey through 2000 years of world history through the lens of Christ’s Great Commission. To gain a biblical perspective on the history of the world, Christians must view the events of history in light of God’s purpose in glorifying His name through the exaltation of His Son.

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Great Christian Classics: Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith

Edited by Kevin Swanson and Joshua Schwisow

There is a wealth of great literature to study in the history of man, some written by Christians and some by non-Christians. While it is important to survey the writings produced in both the city of man and the city of God, the Christian student should direct special attention to literature produced in the city of God. This study guide covers five of the greatest life narratives of all time. A thorough study of these great books will help the student understand the life, theology, and worldview of some of the greatest Christian men in church history. This textbook covers Augustine’s Confessions, Patrick’s Confessions, Knox’s History of the Reformation in Scotland, Bunyan’s Grace Abounding, and Paton’s missionary Autobiography.

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The Lie: Evolution with Workbook

Ken Ham

Today we have Christians not only confused when it comes to Genesis and age of the earth, but even the reality of Hell, Adam as a real person, and Christ’s own words about creation, marriage and more are being debated in the pulpits across the world. In The Lie, Ken Ham again takes the lead in pointing out the looming precipice the Church is rushing towards, how evolution is driving away young people of the faith, and the biblical solution that can change it!

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Proverbs 1: God’s Book of Wisdom

Kevin Swanson

Of all of the possible curriculum choices used for the education of our children, the most important textbook of all is that which God Himself presented in the book of Proverbs. This book is the core curriculum. It is God’s book on how to live life on planet earth. To disregard this book in the education of our children would be a colossal error. With this Study Guide on the book of Proverbs, you will find an entire system of priorities for life’s ethics and purposes.

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J.C. Ryle

Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots is perhaps J. C. Ryle’s best-known and, arguably, best-loved book. Although many things have changed since 1877, when this book was first published, one thing remains the same: ‘real practical holiness does not receive the attention it deserves.’ It was to remedy this attention deficit, and to counter false teaching on this most important subject, that Ryle took up his pen. Holiness, as with all of Ryle’s works, is clear and concise, penetrating and practical.

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10th Grade Core Curriculum

To Pledge Allegiance (Vol. 1-2)

Gary DeMar and Fred D. Young

To Pledge Allegiance presents American history by showing God’s providential direction of our nation’s history throughout its history. In full color with beautiful engravings, photos, and maps. The unique timeline graphic keeps the reader aware of his place in history. Colorful sidebars make the story of history thorough and entertaining.

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Great Christian Classics: Four Essential Works of the Faith

Edited by Kevin Swanson and Joshua Schwisow

There is a wealth of great literature to study in the history of man, some written by Christians and some by non-Christians. While it is important to survey the writings produced in both the city of man and the city of God, the Christian student should direct special attention to literature produced in the city of God. This textbook covers four of the most important Christian works of all time. A thorough study of these great books will help the student understand the life, theology, and worldview of the Christian faith. This textbook covers Athanasius’ On the Incarnation, A’Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, and Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.

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God and Government

Gary DeMar

Nearly forty years ago, amid the rapid dissolution of the American moral fabric after Roe v. Wade, an old truth started gaining new life in America. It was the truth that had once made America great, but one which she had forgotten-that the Bible is not a collection of disconnected moralisms for private application, but rather a comprehensive guide for all of life, a blueprint for the private and public conduct of all individuals and nations. In 1982, the three-volume God and Government series fanned the flames of this national worldview awakening, establishing that the character of a nation and its people depends on their relationship with God as revealed in Holy Scripture.

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Proverbs 2: God’s Book of Wisdom

Kevin Swanson

Of all of the possible curriculum choices used for the education of our children, the most important textbook of all is that which God Himself presented in the book of Proverbs. This book is the core curriculum. It is God’s book on how to live life on planet earth. To disregard this book in the education of our children would be a colossal error.

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Disciplines of a Godly Man

R. Kent Hughes

This inspiring and best-selling book uses biblical wisdom, engaging illustrations, practical suggestions for daily living, and personal study questions to address the major areas of contemporary Christian manhood.

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Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Barbara Hughes

Maybe discipline seems like a hard word to you—implying nothing but challenge and duty. Yet most of us see the value in cultivating spiritual disciplines, and we long to be more consistent in our relationship with God, even in the midst of our busy lives. Combining biblical teaching, poignant stories, and insightful reflection questions, Barbara Hughes explores 15 vital disciplines in this classic book—helping us to mature as godly Christian women and giving meaningful shape to our lives.

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11th Grade Core Curriculum

Essential Writings on Church History (AD 33 – Present)

Edited by Kevin Swanson and Joshua Schwisow

The kingdoms of men have their histories and so do Christians. While the stories of the kingdoms of men fade with their empires, these are the stories that have never faded because the Church of Jesus Christ continues to flourish in every corner of this world today. And, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. These essential writings on church history give first hand accounts of the development of the Christian church in the Western world. This account is the true heritage of every Christian in the world and should be treasured as such.

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World Religions and Cults, Vol. 1

Bodie Hodge and Roger Patterson

Religions in today’s culture seem to be multiplying. Have you ever wondered why certain religions believe and practice what they do? Or how they view the Bible? Many religions and cults discussed in this book openly affirm that the Bible is true, but then something gets in their way. And there is a common factor every time – man’s fallible opinions. In one way or another the Bible gets demoted, reinterpreted, or completely ignored. When you understand a religion’s origins and teachings, you are in a better position to know how to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as you take the good news to those in false religions.

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Proverbs 3: God’s Book of Wisdom

Kevin Swanson

Families and schools spend billions of dollars each year on curriculum for children. Most of the time they forget to include “God’s curriculum”: the Book of Proverbs. In this three-thousand year-old compendium of wisdom, God lays out a full education program in a surprisingly practical form. He takes the most important lessons concerning science, government, business, psychology, human relationships, banking, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics, and wraps them into simple character lessons for young men and women. Significantly, the faculty who must present these lessons in God’s Book of Wisdom is none other than fathers and mothers!

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Kickstart: Launch Your Life

When 36% of college graduates show no cognitive gains after four years of study, and only 51% can find full-time employment after exiting a higher education system with an average price-tag of $72K (public) to $140K (private), how then are we to prepare our young people for their God-given calling so that they’re able to successfully engage the marketplace in a difficult economy? Though man’s education systems are declining, God’s program of relationship-based, character-focused, and life-integrated education has never been more effective. Kickstart is your student’s step-by-step guide to launching their life with clear vision, through powerful mentoring relationships and real-life application.

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12th Grade Core Curriculum

Freedom: The History of Western Liberties

Kevin Swanson

True freedom is only possible by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a substantial freedom that gives birth to other substantial freedoms, and millions are blessed when tyrannies are systematically overthrown. In this course, Students will learn the exciting story of the development of Western liberties over 2,000 years. You will read of the battle for the Magna Carta, the Scottish War for Independence, the Dutch War for Independence, the battle for religious liberties in the 17th century, and America’s War for Independence and the Bill of Rights.

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Worldviews in Conflict: A Study in Western Philosophy, Literature, & Culture

Kevin Swanson

Every Christian student should understand the writings that formed the modern world and undermined the Christian foundations in the West. The Christian student should be well equipped to engage the battle of the worldviews before he or she enters adulthood. This course presents a basic introduction to, and critical analysis of, the philosophers, the literary masters, and the cultural influencers of the last three hundred years. A refreshing improvement of most philosophy and literature courses, this course is filled with relevant biblical references and truths that address the false worldviews of the “great” secular humanist works.

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The Tattooed Jesus

Kevin Swanson

In an age of Western apostasy, it should come as no surprise to find cultural apostasy leading the way. In this pungent little book, Kevin Swanson challenges the modern Christians that capitulate to the post-Christian worldviews and cultural expressions. He doggedly refuses to separate worldviews and culture, pressing hard for repentance, or a change of worldview in the mind of the reader. Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices.

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The Ultimate Proof of Creation

Jason Lisle

There is an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument-an “ultimate proof” of the Christian worldview biblical creation. This book is a complete guide to defending the Christian faith, emphasizing the defense of the Genesis account of creation, built on techniques that have been developed over many years and presentations.

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Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come

J.C. Ryle

J. C. Ryle provides the very best commentary and devotional exposition of the book of Matthew that can be found. We could do no better than to use his expositions of the Gospel of Matthew for our Family Bible Study Guide Series. Writing in the 19th century as an evangelical Anglican pastor, Ryle intended these “Expository Thoughts” for family worship. His writing is strikingly simple, profound, practical, and passionate at the same time.

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The Mortification of Sin

John Owen

In this abridgement of The Mortification of Sin, the famous Puritan John Owen shows the need for Christians to engage in a life-long battle against the sinful tendencies that remain in them, despite their having been brought to faith and new life in Christ. Owen is very insistent that believers cannot hope to succeed in this battle in their own strength. He sees clearly that the fight can be won only through faith in Christ, and in the power of the Spirit. Fighting sin with human strength will produce only self-righteousness, superstition and anxiety of conscience. But with faith in Christ, and with the power of the Spirit, victory is certain. The temptations in times like Owen’s and ours are obvious on every side; the remedy to them is clearly pointed out in this practical and helpful book.

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The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Jeremiah Burroughs

The Rare-Jewel of Christian Contentment is one of the most valuable of Jeremiah Burrough’s writings. Its author was much concerned to promote (1) peace among believers of various ‘persuasions’ (2) peace and contentment in the hearts of individual believers during what he describes as ‘sad and sinking times’. The Rare Jewel concentrates upon this second aim. It is marked by sanity, clarity, aptness of illustration, and warmth of appeal to the heart. ‘There is an ark that you may come into, and no men in the world may live such comfortable, cheerful and contented lives as the saints of God’. Burroughs presses his lesson home with all the fervour and cogency of a true and faithful minister of God

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Christian Discipleship Curriculum project will continue to develop Christian curriculum in all the common subjects. However, there are a number of Christian curriculum publishers that have produced high-quality curriculum with a biblical worldview. We particularly recommend the curriculum offerings of Master Books (masterbooks.com) for Mathematics and Science.

Most selections in the Character Track are stand-alone books. These particular titles do not have planned assignments accompanying them. However, we recommend parents and students read the book together and spend some time discussing the book material in each chapter to encourage retention and application of the material.

By offering the Core Curriculum package without the Character Track, we by no means intend to communicate that character is an optional matter to focus on in education. On the contrary, we believe that character (or holiness) is essential in the discipleship/education of Christian students. We provide this option because we know that there are many good resources available for families to use to teach their children to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.