Parent Resources

Here you will find downloadable supplements for each grade package. These supplements contain lesson schedules for the courses/books that do not contain lesson schedules in the printed version. If the lesson schedule is not included here, then you will find the lesson schedule in the printed Teacher Guide/Workbook for that respective course. Our team continues to update these supplements, including adding assignments and answer keys for some of the Core Curriculum tracks. You may check back at this page for updated versions. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Africa Activity Map 8.5×11
Africa Activity Map 17×22
2nd Grade Supplement
3rd Grade Supplement
4th Grade Supplement
5th Grade Supplement
6th Grade Supplement
7th Grade Supplement
Practical Happiness Study Guide
8th Grade Supplement
9th Grade Supplement
Holiness Worksheets
10th Grade Supplement
Great Christian Classics, Vol. 2 Assignments
11th Grade Supplement
12th Grade Supplement
The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment Study Guide
Mortification of Sin Study Guide
Essay Grading Criteria
Transcript Recommendations
89 Edifying Stories
The 4 Pillars