Get the help, advice and principles from God’s Word that can transform your approach to curriculum, and breathe new life into your homeschool!

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, or even doubt your ability to teach? Ever struggle with resistant or disengaged kids? What if your challenges, discouragement, and fears could be addressed by a different approach to homeschooling? What if a shift in your academic emphasis could breathe new life into your homeschooling?

Maybe it’s time to Rethink & Refresh your whole approach?

You’re invited to attend a free, 5-part “Rethink & Refresh” Curriculum Q&A Workshop happening LIVE on Monday, April 18th through Tuesday, April 26th.

During this Workshop, we’ll be rethinking and refreshing our approach to science, history, reading & literature, and math curriculum based on four key components of distinctively Christian curriculum:

  • The Family Discipleship Component
  • The Bible-Integration Component
  • The God-Centered Component
  • The Life & Worship Component

We’ll also be tackling practical topics like:

  • How to encourage an excitement for learning while tackling difficult subjects
  • How to turn teaching moments into opportunities for pointing your children to Christ
  • How many common homeschool challenges can be solved by “rethinking & refreshing” our approach from a biblical perspective
  • Why Christian homeschool families MUST take a different approach to curriculum if they want their children to be godly leaders of the next generation

And through it all, we’ll be answering YOUR specific questions LIVE with our panels of experienced homeschool parents and curriculum authors.

Join us LIVE for the help, advice, and principles from God’s Word that can transform your approach to curriculum and breathe new life into your homeschool!

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April 18th, 9:00 AM Pacific

Rethink & Refresh Science Q&A – How to inspire wonder, worship, and work through science

  • Every minute of the science class must connect with life, health, dominion, work, and multitude applications to life. How is this done?
  • What is the most user-friendly science curriculum for your family?
  • How do you integrate labs, indoor/outdoor investigation, practical life application, and the best videos into your science homeschool experience?
  • Get your science curriculum questions answered
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson

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Tammy Sechrist
Tammy Sechrist

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April 21st, 9:00 AM Pacific

Rethink & Refresh Math Q&A – How to make math meaningful & exciting…for all ages!

  • So, how do we connect math to God’s creation? The beauty of math is reflected in the beauty of creation, but how will your children recognize that, unless the curriculum connects the dots?
  • Math is a tool. It’s no fun to simply describe the tool, handle the tool, and talk about the tool. Boring! Show your child how to use it! God gave us the tool to explore and to take dominion of His world.
  • Get your math curriculum questions answered.
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson

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Elliott Best
Elliott Best

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April 26th, 9:00 AM Pacific

Rethink & Refresh Next Steps! – How to Get Started with a God-Centered Approach to Curriculum

  • Examine Generations curriculum options.
  • Turn teaching moments into opportunities to point your children to Christ.
  • Encourage an excitement for learning while tackling difficult subjects.
  • Get answers to your general curriculum questions.
  • Learn how to get a hold of our Christian homeschool curriculum at a significant discount.
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson

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As a way of saying “thank you” for signing up for our workshop, we’d like to give you a copy of our ebook The Busy Parent’s Guide to Selecting Homeschool Curriculum. Inside we lay out the foundational principles that should guide the curriculum selection process, point out some common misconceptions, and give you five practical questions to ask when choosing your curriculum. Sign up for our free workshop now to claim this awesome resource!

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“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

We’ve spent the past fifteen years developing the Generations curriculum to help equip you in four key ways:

  1. Help you pass on the faith to your children by teaching a God-centered view of history, science, literature, and all of life
  2. Help you follow God’s walk-along, talk-along method of education (family discipleship) that He commands in Deuteronomy 6:7
  3. Obliterate any separation between academics and faith by integrating the Bible into every lesson
  4. Fill your children’s education with purpose by helping them move from learning to worshiping God and applying their new knowledge in real life

If you want to follow the Christian discipleship method of education that Deuteronomy 6 describes, this curriculum is designed to help you get started and stay on track.

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Feedback from Curriculum Users…

“We are using the Great Christian Stories Set. I find the curriculum to be very well put together. It is incredibly easy to use. It is encouraging to be using a curriculum that glorifies God.”
Melissa L. – Oklahoma, United States

“Worldviews in Conflict has been eye-opening to trace the roots of humanism in our culture and how it has infiltrated so many influential areas of life! I used it in our co-op this year and we have had great discussions with our high school students about the material. It has really helped them to see that IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!”
Annette H. – Florida, United States

“I have three kids under three and am homeschooling my teenager. We all enjoy the Great Christian Adventures series so I am able to read out loud while the toddlers play. The stories aren’t the same boring books I hated to read in school, but books even toddlers request I start the school day with.”
Sara M. – Michigan, United States

PLUS, when you order this week…

We’ll include a free hardcover copy of one of our Timeless Christian Classics read-alouds (you pick!) with your order*

We have republished original children’s classics with the original Christian content – the content that was stripped from 20th-century publication, as well as some of the “forgotten” Christian classics from the past. These titles include Mary Jones and Her Bible, The Princess Bellaheld, Sunshine Country, The Dragon and the Raven, Heidi, The Holy War, Robinson Crusoe, The Pilgrim’s Progress for Young Readers, The Life of Henry Martyn, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Titus: A Comrade of the Cross.

*free shipping not included

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What others are saying…

“We have been so thankful for the Worldviews in Conflict, Taking the World for Jesus and America in God’s Providence books. They have been just what we have prayed for in teaching materials: easy to use, interesting, full of Scripture application, and thoroughly submitted to the sovereignty of God. Our children have enjoyed learning from them and we often hear them making connections with what they’ve learned in their lives.”
Kelle S. – Michigan, United States

“Finally a history curriculum that teaches God’s providence in all of history! Told from a biographical, first person view, the events in history come alive for my children. My high school age boys LOVE history now and retain much of what they learn. This curriculum glorifies God and teaches HIS-Story!”
Terri M. – ID, United States

“We have all levels of the literature curriculum. For a busy mom of many, this has been a God-send! My kids love the books and I love the built-in accountability and deep thinking required to follow through with assignments. We have wonderful discussions sparked by the questions and essays. My kids are learning a lot and becoming better writers by reading such wonderful classics.”
Kim F. – Virginia, United States

“Great Christian Adventures is by far our favorite Literature program. Both of my sons have loved the stories and I have been grateful to find a curriculum that has taken out the guessing game of which books are best for young Christian children to read. Also, the workbook with vocabulary words, reading comprehension questions, and suggestions for the book report to write at the end of the reading is exceptional. We will continue to use all of this program throughout high school.”
Annette K. – TN, United States

Questions you might be asking…

I’ll let Sara answer that question: “I have three kids under three and am homeschooling my teenager. We all enjoy the Great Christian Adventures series so I am able to read out loud while the toddlers play. The stories aren’t the same boring books I hated to read in school, but books even toddlers request I start the school day with.” (Sara McGuire – Michigan, United States)

We are in the process of developing our science curriculum but we currently recommend Math-U-See, Master Books, Institute for Excellence in Writing, and Apologia.

This is a huge reason why we created the Christian Discipleship Curriculum. It gives parents the tools and a framework to get started. Start simple with reading the Bible daily as a family and discussing questions from the reading. Our Family Bible Study Guides are a helpful tool to get into the habit. Reading and applying the Bible is the most important and most basic aspect of daily discipleship. Also my book Family Life will help you get clarity about the overall philosophy of biblical discipleship for your family.

Your goal should be to make the Word of God central in education. That doesn’t mean you should study the Bible to the exclusion of other subjects. What our curriculum helps you do is to integrate God’s Word into all the subjects. You can give your children’s education should be both solidly biblical and academically excellent. Our courses in History and Literature are academically rigorous and should help students prepare well for SAT, ACT, and similar exams. We recommend supplementing with Math and Science courses from other publishers in the High School grades.

In a nutshell, pray for the work of God’s Spirit in your husband so that they earnestly desire to fulfill their Ephesians 6:4 responsibilities. Humbly ask your husband to spend some time leading the family in worship and teaching the Bible. If he refuses, trust God to work in him and do what you can as a wife and mother.

We’d suggest that you choose a course that is advanced enough to keep your oldest children engaged. If you’re reading aloud, the younger children will still catch a lot. Each of the courses in our store have pdf samples you can view to get a better idea of the difficulty level of the material. Click here to go to the curriculum store.

Start with the core of all learning: the fear and knowledge of God. Start with the Bible. Our children need to know the great stories of Scripture, particularly the redemptive story of Jesus that starts in Genesis 1 and runs through Revelation. They need to know God’s word inside and out. Then supplement it with some of the great missionary stories of the last 2000 years.

We’re recommending MasterBooks for K-4. Also some of the YWAM materials are helpful.

The question to ask is, “what do you mean by wholesome and balanced?” Only the Word of God can give us a concept of the wholesome and the balanced. Non-Christians can only present a Christ-less, moralistic, “other gospel” view of life. Unless your children are ready to discern the deeper worldviews in play, don’t give them the brilliant non-Christian writers, or they will be deceived.

Fortunately, we don’t have to choose between skillfully written non-Christian books and poorly-written Christian books. This is why we have focused on time-tested Christian classics in our Christian Literature curriculum packs.

No. Your children need to learn how to engage with non-Christian beliefs and worldviews. But make the Scriptures and the great Christian classics top priority. Then engage the non-Christian books as you have time and your children have the maturity to discern the worldviews.
No. Scripture and the great Christian writers are the most relevant to real life. If you want your children to be ready to speak hope into the life of someone with terminal cancer, would you rather they had read Of Mice and Men or The Pilgrim’s Progress? What hope does Hawthorne have to offer? None. If you want your children to be “relevant” and ready to speak hope into the lives of others, focus on the top priorities: the Word of God, then the writings of the great Christian men and women of history.
1. Sci-Fi, fantasy, and mystery novels tend to be highly addictive for our children. If your child is preferring fantasies to the things of God, you may need to go to them and say, “We are repenting. We’re sorry. We didn’t realize that there was such a battle going on. We’re going to start changing what we read.” You may also need to engage in a weaning process as you teach your children to become interested in good Christian reading.

2. Let your children see excitement in you for good books.

It’s a matter of balance between fiction and non-fiction. Focus on the highest priority: the Word of God. Let fiction fill in the cracks if desired and if the child is not being taken captive by the storyline. Also balance work and reading. Fiction tends to have little relevance to the “real life” world of work. As your child begins to work and look for answers to the challenges he encounters, he will find he is helped far more by the Bible or the stories of great men and women of the faith than by some sci-fi hero.

This really depends on your student’s ability to process the material. Some students will need more one-on-one time than others. Our courses include complete lesson schedules and answer keys to make assigning material and grading quick and easy, so much of the study work can be done by the students on their own.

That said, we STRONGLY encourage parents to be involved—not to hold their child’s hand and tell them WHAT to think, but to lead by example in teaching them HOW to think about:

  • what questions they should be asking
  • how to seek God for wisdom as they study
  • how to move from new understanding to praise of God
  • how to identify and “cast down” ideas that are not based on Scripture

This is Deuteronomy 6 in action!

Requirements vary from state to state, but it should meet most states’ requirements. You’ll have to check your specific state’s requirements to confirm.

Our curriculum does provide written assignments, but it does not teach writing. We recommend a separate writing and grammar curriculum.

Each of our Literature courses is worth 1 high school credit with the exception of Essential Writings on Church History, which is worth 2 credits (1 for Literature and 1 for History).

And, if you’re wondering about credits on other titles in our core curriculum packs, here’s a link to our curriculum credit schedule.

We typically update our Literature curriculum each year as needed. Updates will be incremental upgrades like adding some assignments here and there or fixing typos or other small errors that may be found.
We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you order one of our curriculum products and aren’t satisfied, simply return it within 60 days. We’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. That’s a promise.

Here’s what you get if you order by midnight on
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Two years from now…

Where will your children be two years from now? Will they have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and be better prepared to discern God’s Truth from Satan’s lies?

OR . . . Will they be colder towards Christ, lured away by deceptive worldviews?

We know that God must work in our children’s hearts if they will walk in the way of truth. For that reason, we both pray fervently for our children and we disciple them in the truth. We have produced the Christian Discipleship Curriculum to provide you with tools and a framework for faithfully discipling your children.

Buy it. Use it. And trust God to work in the lives of your children.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

For Christ and His Kingdom,
Kevin Swanson

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